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Msizi Limited is the Right Partner to Architect and Deploy an Integrated Solution for Your Company.

Desktop/Laptops & Printers

Organizations from all sectors and of varying sizes today have more and more knowledge workers than ever before. These teams need to remain productive both in the office and while on the move.

Servers & Storage

Our Server & Storage team’s skills and competencies enable us to deliver a variety of solutions to customers, this includes Rack space, power protection, power distribution, Storage networking, Disk Based Backup etc.

Networking & Structured Cabling

A conducive work environment makes for a more productive workforce. This is how well-designed and implemented Structured Cabling enables you to put in the latest equipment for data management and networking.

Enterprise Content Management

Implementing an Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration project can be a daunting task. We have extensive experience in designing, developing, configuring and implementing these solutions. Our experience and knowledge will enable you to choose the appropriate solution

Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a management approach focused on aligning all aspects of an organisation with the wants and needs of the customer. It is a holistic management approach that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while utilizing the innovation, flexibility, and integration of technology.


We have successfully integrated enterprise security functions in several of our client networks, ranging from retail powerhouses to government installations. We offer you Security solutions to manage user identities, control access, monitor and manage security features

Our Services

Msizi is a leading value added focused Networking Distributor (VAD) and partner of Structured Cabling, Networking & Communication solutions encompassing products and solutions from leading LAN & WAN Vendors

Cloud Services

With the strategic shift to cloud services, many organisations are rapidly adopting the cloud as a platform for providing replacements for traditional on-premise applications and storage. Our partnerships, skills and experience in implementing solutions for our customers enables us to provide innovative solutions in the cloud.

Understanding the various options of public cloud, private cloud, hosting or hybrid models can overwhelm many organisations as they attempt to transition to the new world of cloud computing. We will guide you through the many options available and help you understand which strategy is right for your organisation.


As a regional leader in implementing tailor-made first and second-level user support services as outsourced solutions for our enterprise clients, Msizi provides cost effective services to our clients i.e. from installation, deployment and commissioning of equipment to warranty replacement services. Outsourcing with us means you can get on with your business, while we think through all the issues of how to maximise the value add of your systems and infrastructure investment.

In other words, we resource and deliver an ICT system that is better, faster and more consistent, so you can focus on expanding your business without feeling constrained by your IT infrastructure. And as before you reach the limit of your IT capabilities, we advise and implement the necessary upgrades.

Network Management

Our network design principle is to create secure, reliable, responsive and robust networks that ensure a continuous availability of information. Network management provides local-area, wide-area and wireless connectivity between people, locations and systems both inside and outside an organisation. This enables the delivery of data, voice and video services on a network that is designed to be effectively monitored and managed in order to meet service levels.

Types of Networks we deal with

  • Local Area Network
  • Personal Area Network
  • Metropolitan Area Network
  • Wide Area Network

Business Consulting

Our team of consultants is ready to help and guide you from the beginning to the end of your ICT implementation or provide assistance on an as-needs basis in order to ensure that technology investments provide tangible business benefits.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations, our consultants understand that every business progresses at a unique rate through the business technology adoption process, and has unique wants and needs. This is why we offer flexible consulting packages to address your specific needs, ensuring you get the best advice in the most cost-effective manner.

Managed Services

As a business grows, the technology, support and future roadmaps become critical to its performance. Changes to the workplace have increased the demand to deliver ICT systems to users at any time in different locations and through a variety of devices.

In this regard, we have made the investment to offer scalable key operational ICT services to our clients so that they can in turn focus their attention on their core business. We achieve this through our ability to offer flexible solutions to meet customer objectives and expectations.

Unified Communication

Good teamwork and collaboration leads to increased productivity and eventually, profitability. Collaborative relationships are attractive because the benefits realised by combining effort and expertise are greater than those achieved through individual and disjointed efforts.

We offer unique collaborative solutions by combining our professional experience with various vendor technologies and products. Collaborative software can help your teams by providing tools that aid communication, collaboration and the process of problem solving.

About Msizi Yep, we rock !

Our History

Msizi Limited is a pan-African business technology solutions firm headquartered in Kenya. Our business is founded on three core pillars of Trust, Experience and Commitment. Msizi was founded in 2014 and is a leading systems/network integrator within the East & Southern Africa region, focused on providing technology and services that enable high-performance workplaces and organisations. As a respected technology solutions partner, customers come to us for professional services, infrastructure solutions, technical support and technology outsourcing in all market sectors and with a strong focus on the Banking & Financial Services Industry, Telecommunications, Government & Education, Corporates, Aviation and Manufacturing as well as Non-governmental organizations.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most respected and trusted provider of Technology for Business

Our Mission

We enable businesses work and communicate better, faster, more profitably

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  • Our philosophy

    Our expertise helps our customers implement and integrate proven, state-of-the-art technologies to achieve each customer’s unique business objectives. We provide risk free options

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